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    The Magnum Quick Latch – Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

    Front End Protection | June 29, 2021

    pjimageWhen Magnum first introduced our Quick Latch System over 15 years ago, we revolutionized the industry – Magnum’s Quick Latch System was a game changer; offering the easiest opening and closing operation in the market! No more struggling with eye-bolts, or having to adjust them multiple times on a trip – and best of all,  no tools required! Just innovation in engineering and design to produce a latch system with smooth and continuous operation throughout the life of the bumper.

    Competitors have tried to emulate the effectiveness of our proven system, but none have been able to replicate what makes our latch so unique. The Magnum Quick Latch System meets the rigorous demands of North America’s most extreme roads, while ensuring a worry free use in both highway and off-highway applications. Designed to keep the bumper safely closed and featuring adjustable latch plates for easy maintenance, reliability and adjust-ability.

    Our Quick Latch System boasts Quad Hinge Bushing Technology, with four hard steel bushings in the hinge plates. As well, the latch mount that features four hardened steel bushings which houses torsion springs to ensure a positive latch operation – providing superior strength to the latch mechanism.

    All these key features result in a system that is reliable, simple and worry free – Unlike other competitors complex latch designs that are only somewhat suitable for on highway use. To this day, the Magnum Quick Latch System has remained unchanged – offering our customer industry PROVEN performance!

    When you purchase a Magnum Moose Bumper, you are investing in the absolute best that the market has to offer on Front End Protection – because nothing is more important than your safety when you’re on the road.