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    Moose Bumpers for Sale

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    Moose Bumpers – Why Purchase Front End Protection?

    Safety      Confidence      Cost Savings


    • Reduced driver stress in wildlife populated areas
    • Reduced repair costs in the event of a impact/collision
    • Eliminates or greatly reduces downtime and loss of wages
    • Select insurance providers offer lower deductibles

    Bumper Design


    Magnum has been on the forefront of bumper design and manufacturing since we began producing our first front end protection products in 2004. Our engineers and sales team take into account our customers requirements and ensure that all of our designs not only meet, but exceed safety and durability standards.

    All bumper design must pass our internal design criteria:

    • Deliver high-strength and maximum durability
    • Ease of use, particularly ease of opening and closing
    • Must have secure attachment to the truck
    • Must have anti-rattle components to ensure a rattle free ride
    • Reliable easy to use towing features

    Available in Several Styles


    • Two Post, Four Post, Grizzly, Titan 2000 and Sasquatch
    • Extremely strong and durable – Used in some of the most extreme environments in North America
    • Easy bolt on installation – No cutting or welding
    • Specifically designed for individual truck to ensure perfect fit and function

    Moose Bumper Key Features

    Exclusive Industry Proven Magnum Quick Latch


    • Magnum Quick Latch is fully adjustable and easily maintained
    • proven design – 15 years and going strong
    • no eye-bolts to tighten/loosen or tools required
    • design keeps the bumper safely closed

    Optional Easy Lift System™


    • Bumper is up to 90% lighter when opening and closing
    • Every lift assist is optimized for each specific Magnum bumper model
    • Easy Lift requires no maintenance after setup
    • View it in action


    Radar Moose Bumper Key Features – DETROIT ASSURANCE


    • Radar does not require relocation or re-calibration of OEM radar system
    • OEM radar cover plate can be re-mounted on bumper

    Radar Moose Bumper Key Features – Compatible with other Collision Mitigation Systems (CMS)


    • Radar mounting bracket included with bumper for easy bolt-on repositioning

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