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    Live Haul Trailers for Sale

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    Live Haul Trailers

    Magnum has designed our live haul trailers to meet the needs of today’s poultry transportation industry. For modular loading systems, we offer the best raising roof system in the market; robust, efficient and proven through years of operation.

    With animal welfare being a primary concern for the food industry, Magnum has stepped up to deliver the latest ideas and technology for transporting birds and livestock efficiently and humanely. We work with industry leaders to develop the very best custom trailer solutions that deliver a competitive advantage.

    Because we custom build our own trailers as well as our roof systems, our customers get a tailor-made solution with no compromises. Numerous options are available to meet the unique needs of this industry:

    • Flat or step deck trailers
    • Various axle configurations
    • Raising roof for load containment and forklift loading
    • Curtain side or roll-up tarp systems
    • Multiple venting options
    • Customization to suit any cage/module system

    • Environment monitoring system with remote access
    • Designed for ease of wash out and maintenance
    • Rated for low temperature operation
    • Custom interior and flood lighting options
    • Insulated floor and bulkheads

    If your job requires it, we can build it. Custom Trailers