Titan 2000 Easy LiftTM

 Introducing the Titan 2000 Easy LiftTM,  another innovative feature brought to you by Magnum. This exclusive option makes your new Magnum grille guard up to 90% lighter when gaining access to your engine compartment, regardless of model or bumper type. Combined with our Magnum Quick Latch, accessing your truck has never been simpler and safer; slippery surfaces and inclines are not a problem when you choose this incredible option.

Download Titan 2000 Easy LiftTM Set Up Instructions

Wayne Brown of Stahl Peterbilt in Edmonton commented “It’s the coolest innovation in the protection bumper world since the creation of the protection bumper itself.”

The growing trend and need for heavier types of protection on trucks has made opening the hood more difficult and in some cases exposes operators to potential back injuries, becoming a safety issue for operators.

The Titan 2000 Easy Lift option makes the Grille Guard exceedingly easy to raise and lower even while standing on slippery surfaces.  Our primary concern and the principle behind our designs has always been to improve safety  for the operator.

The Magnum Titan 2000 Easy Lift when combined with Magnum’s proven bumper latch system offers a unique proposition of style, functionality and safety for today’s truck operators.