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Media – Magnum 1, Deer 0: Canadian Trucking Magazine Deer Strike

Magnum 1 – Deer 0!

Just a few days ago our friend Dave of Canadian Trucking Magazine had a deer strike while driving. And we are happy to report that he and all his passengers, as well as the truck were unscathed due to his Magnum Moose Bumper!

This is why making the smart choice and investing in a Magnum Bumper matters – because nothing is more important than your safety while on the road!

Play to the video to hear Dave talk about his experience and how our products keep people safe!

MAGNUM 1 Deer 0 ~ OTR with Dave

#AnimalStrike Magnum one ,,, Deer 🦌 zero ,, tonight a deer decided to take on our pretty freaking marvelous “PFM” truck and lost,, The Magnum Trailers bumper was a great investment just paid for itself! #magnum #moosebumper #cowcatcher #moronmasher #grillguard #trucking #deerstrike @CTM_Magazine

Posted by CANADIAN TRUCKING MAGAZINE on Friday, July 12, 2019