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    Media – Feature Article on Movin’ Out: Considerations for Front End Protection

    Front End Protection, Media | June 6, 2019

    Magnum is very excited to have recently had a piece published in Movin’ Out Magazine.

    Focusing on the different types of options when it comes front end protection, the article reviews key differences between function and design which will help you determine what level of front end protection you need.

    Whatever the reason, there’s a lot to consider when buying front-end protection, and not all bumpers are created equal. Some protection bumpers are built more for looks than they are for strength. Some have poorly designed tow features where ratings overstate the towing capacity leading to damage of the bumper – or in worst cases pulling it right off the truck. Some bumpers can be difficult to install and problematic to maintain. While not a safety hazard at first, this can lead to irritating rattling and vibration as well as premature wear on critical components of the protection bumper. – Mike Eng, Sales & Marketing Manager at Magnum Trailer and Equipment Inc.

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