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    Western Star 5700 Modular Guards

    Ensure your license plate remains visible with our new MG Series License Plate Holder.

    Bracket Kit & Weights




    Targeted specifically towards North America’s most popular Class 8 fleet trucks, Magnum’s Modular Guard B Series is geared towards the demands of today’s long-haul highway transportation industry.


    Our design team focused on creating three levels of protection with an emphasis on maximizing the strength to weight ratio, and interchangeability between trucks that is easily up-gradable. We also set out to create the most attractive tubular front end protection in the industry, with our sought after mirror-like polished finish.




    If you change your truck model, you can also easily swap out your old brackets with the new applicable bracket kit and maintain the same level of protection!

    All MG Series Guards come standard with easily accessible, integrated tow provisions to ensure you get back on the road quickly and safely with limited downtime

    Not to mention, all levels of protection work seamlessly with with all major collision avoidance systems in North America including Bendix and Detroit Assurance.



    The MG Series is constructed with Stainless Steel 304 for a superior aesthetic finish that is easier to maintain, longer lasting and won’t rust or lose its shine over time. SS 304 also has a superior strength – higher tensile strength vs mild steel, and higher yield strength vs aluminum.

    The MG Series features the easily adjustable Magnum Quick-Cam Latch; a smooth rotating cam closure with increased rigidity due to the presence of the latch lock pin securing the handle. In addition, our latch is free of any rubber or complex latch components that require constant maintenance or replacement due to failure or regular wear.


    Our engineered, truck specific mount brackets are designed with integrated tow features built directly into the assembles – eliminating the need to purchase, store and use additional tow straps/hardware for towing

    Magnum Engineers developed our Modular Guard and Mount Brackets System using FEA to ensure that the strength of the MG Series product line meets our rigorous standards. Our bumper loops underwent extensive testing to not only meet, but in some cases exceed our competitors in terms of strength.