45′ Twin-20 Open Corner Bomb Cart

bomb cart

  • Open corner design allows access to install or remove twist locks while container is on the bomb cart.
  • Magnum “High Efficiency Twin-20 Guidance System” aligns both containers quickly and accurately for a problem free pick of Twin-20 containers each and every time. (All eight lower container corners remain accessible throughout this alignment process.)
  • Heavy duty construction from front to rear includes:
  • 24” deep main rails
  • 6” x 6” bolt on landing legs
  • 10” x 10” one piece side guide supports slid through the main rails
  • One piece side guide forming with double top bends for added guide strength and container protection.
  • Braced rear bumper.
  • Heavy duty single point suspension.
  • Solid tires.
  • All options available.