Grill Guards


Custom built to
suit your requirements.

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Grille Guards

Innovative design,
Custom engineering,
Production Excellence.

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Chain hangers, Fenders,
Light bars, Load levelers,
and much more.

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Cab Guards

Driver Security and
Peace of Mind

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Grille Guards

Magnum bumpers, Manufactured in North America; protect drivers, trucks and the investment in both. Our bumpers eliminate costly repairs associated with animal impacts and contribute to reducing down time, ensuring deliveries arrive on schedule.

All Magnum bumpers are custom engineered to fit each unique truck model. Our bumpers are precision fit for an easy bolt on installation, preserving the structural integrity of the truck. Built from high strength aluminum, all bumpers incorporate an internal steel mounting assembly and the convenience of the revolutionary "Magnum Quick latch System". 

Each Magnum bumper leaves our factory with a mirror like, high polished finish. In many jurisdictions, insurance providers offer reduced rates or discounts for trucks equipped with Magnum animal impact protection. 



Another innovative feature brought to you by Magnum. This exclusive option makes your new Magnum grille guard up to 95% lighter when gaining access to your engine compartment.
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