Magnum is long known for our innovative products and creative thinking, pioneering and paving the way for advancements in quality and design in the Aftermarket truck industry. Our engineering and design team has over 65 years of combined experience in trailer manufacturing and the truck equipment industry. Magnum’s engineering excellence is further enhanced by modern manufacturing processes and proven engineering principles. Our Engineering Department continues to develop new and innovative products that lead the industry, and answer the evolving needs of our diverse client base.

Magnum was the first company to design, test, and fabricate an easy lift solution for our bumpers. Our patented Titan 2000 Easy LiftTMoption makes bumpers up to 90% lighter when gaining access to the engine compartment, regardless of model or bumper type.  We have always had our eye on the next problem to solve, and it is this attention to detail and ingenuity that sets Magnum apart.

Magnum also looks to keep current and ahead of the curve with our fabrication processes. We have invested in a paperless shop floor, keep track of all workflows and jobs through electronic systems, and have invested in automated processes in the production line. Being as efficient as possible, while retaining quality work and the safety of our people is a high priority.