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Custom built to
suit your requirements.

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Grille Guards

Innovative design,
Custom engineering,
Production Excellence.

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Grill Guards


Chain hangers, Fenders,
Light bars, Load levelers,
and much more.

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Aluminum Accessories

Cab Guards

Driver Security and
Peace of Mind

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Cab Guards


Meet the departments behind the product.


  • Always striving for a better product, our creative research and development team utilizes the latest software, techniques and materials to create the next generation of Magnum solutions. Our approach uses the latest Design Software, Finite element analysis, advanced prototyping techniques and real world field-testing ensures unparalleled safety and functionality for all our products.


  • Our highly skilled production team works to create superior products built to uncompromising standards. Using precision tools and equipment and only the highest quality materials and components, our experienced team is dedicated to meeting the highest manufacturing standards.


  • Our government licensed mechanics and inspectors are committed to ensuring safety, reliability and dependability. From MVI’s to major wreck repairs, our state of the art equipment provides our service team with the necessary tools to restore any equipment to original standards.

Customer Relations:

  • Always attentive, always listening; our caring committed customer relation’s team can guarantee a courteous professional experience when dealing with Magnum.

Magnum Trailer & Equipment Inc.


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